Intervention: StudentChef Proposal and new stakeholders engagement

A new intervention-collaborated with student accommodation company

  • Found a marketing internship at a student accommodation,  and proposed a program “StudentChef” , which will leverage the company and its partners’ capability to involve overseas students to cook, compete, and share. Potential data would be generated by early Sep, when the final event launch between Aug.31st-Sep.2nd.

Access to the proposal:


Stakeholders engagement attempts

Previous reach-out to Aveqia and another food stylist is not successful.  Tried to contact with them again, and at the same time, identified new stakeholders and intervention which could generate more data and suggest on my next steps.

  • Owner of the most popular dessert restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing. His restaurants are famous for “photogenic” plating.
    • Got in touch with the owner and asked for his feedback and probably will meet him in  person next month.

About the restaurant


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